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Your Kids Could Benefit from Standing More

For years it has been assumed that sedentary activity is bad for your health. Recent studies have confirmed that too much sitting has detrimental effects on the body and can put your health at risk. In a world where sitting is involved in many daily activities, this is very bad news. Some of the most vulnerable who are at risk of adverse effects from sedentary activity are children.

From school, daily trips in the car and watching their favorite television shows, children often sit for most of the day. Children who sit for 75 percent of the day or more exhibit poor motor coordination at a rate that is 9 times higher than their peers. Perhaps the scariest find in these studies is the conclusion that even if your child exercises, sitting for most of the day will almost certainly contribute to poor motor function. What can you do?

Limit Television

Instead of watching television, have your child engage in an activity that requires them to be up on their feet. They could play a game of Twister, explore the outdoors or learn a martial art. Chores are also great for getting the kids off the couch and moving. Keep in mind that children are at school, sitting, for the better part of the day, and could greatly benefit from physical activity after they get home, rather than watching television.

Stand Rather Than Sit

If your child does watch a lot of television, encourage your child to stand up rather than sit. Just this simple act will make a difference in motor coordination. One great way to encourage activity is to challenge your kids to a jumping jack contest during the commercial breaks, or see who can stand the longest during the show or some other fun competition. Homework and computer time can also be performed in an ergonomically correct standing position, maximizing your child’s time on their feet and out of the sedentary zone.

Rest to Rejuvenate

Education is key in combating the crippling statistics that show what affects sitting has on children’s health and motor coordination. Speak with your child and let them know that rest is designed to aid the body in rejuvenating after it has been put to work. Children are asked daily to perform with their minds, rarely giving them a rest, while their bodies lose critical functions.

Investing in tools that help keep yourself and your children focused and on their feet will help improve their coordination. Innovative products, like the Uprite Ergo Sit2Stand Workstation, are now available to combat sedentary activity. For more information, visit our product page.

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