The Connection Between Standing Desks and Student Performance

The Connection Between Standing Desks and Student Performance

Recent studies have shown that standing desks in school can improve student health and performance. This does not come as a surprise to medical or psychological professionals, as the benefits of standing while working have long been known, and employees who have switched to standing at work have seen improvements in cognitive function. However, utilizing height-adjustable workstations in schools is an idea that has just recently been visited.

One thing is certain: sitting for prolonged periods of time can wreak havoc on the health and abilities of both children and adults. Sitting for most of the day can increase a person’s chances for developing diabetes, an excessive weight condition, heart disease and even cancer. For this reason, the known benefits of standing desks are being taken seriously, and the connection between these desks and student performance is a phenomenon that is not being ignored.


Standing Desks and Improved Performance

The fact that exercise has the ability to improve cognitive performance led researchers to believe that using standing desks in school could potentially have the same outcome. These researchers worked with a handful of high schoolers who were given the option to use standing desks in their classroom. They could also sit down on a stool to complete their work or switch between the two options, as one might at a height-adjustable workstation. These researchers gave the students tests throughout their school year that accurately measured their cognitive abilities. Amazingly, the students who used standing desks showed signs of significant improvement in their cognitive performance.


The Benefits of Standing Desks

Standing desks come with a multitude of benefits. For instance, those who use height-adjustable desks in the workplace see improvements in their mood, as well as the quality of work that they produce. They are often in better health than their sitting counterparts, and also benefit from a decreased risk of many medical conditions. People who use standing desks experience less chronic fatigue, helping them to remain focused throughout the day. These are all benefits that children could have with standing desks in schools.


The Future of Standing Desks

Science is constantly looking for more, new innovative ways to make the future brighter, especially for children who are in school. Researchers will continue to evaluate the use of standing desks in school to determine their effectiveness as a learning tool. These desks and height-adjustable workstations have been tremendously beneficial to some workplaces and have also sparked the conversation about the importance of ergonomics. Ergonomics is a factor that is widely held as a priority among many employers. This could benefit school aged children as well, as students should be learning in an environment that encourages them to perform at their optimal levels.


Get a Standing Desk

If you would like more information about standing desks in school or the benefits of height-adjustable desks, view our Sit2Stand Height-Adjustable Workstation product page or contact a representative with Uprite Ergo today. The future of the standing desk is bright.

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