Standing at work, height-adjustable workstation

Standing Desks and Desk/Computer Jobs

You have probably noticed a growing trend among offices in your area. More and more employers are switching to height-adjustable workstations for desk/computer positions. In fact, it is not just the small hometown businesses that have jumped onto this bandwagon—you will find Google, AOL, Twitter, Facebook and GlaxoSmithKline among the largest and most successful companies that have encouraged their employees to start standing at work. This has led many others to wonder: “What is so special about those standing desks, and how could they possibly improve employee wellbeing?”

Recent studies, as well as some valuable insight from some of history’s greatest minds, have led many health and wellness professionals to conclude that ergonomics has an important place in the office. Standing at work can provide employees with a multitude of benefits that ultimately add up to benefit the company as a whole. Here is why you will continue to see standing desks being used by employees who work at computer/desk jobs.


Physical Benefits

A standing desk has the potential to improve your health in multiple areas. Too much sedentary activity can lead to excessive weight gain, diabetes or dangerous blood clots. Unfortunately, most people who work in desk/computer positions sit for a majority of their day. Even if you are maintaining a good fitness routine, it is not enough to counter all that time off of your feet.


Standing at work can help employees to feel more energetic as well as experience an overall sense of better health. Having a standing desk has allowed many employees to lose weight and has encouraged them to make better choices of what they put into their body. As each hour passes, employees become stronger and stronger until they are capable of standing for an extended period.


Psychological Benefits

It is difficult to reach your goals when you are suffering from chronic exhaustion, depression or having trouble remaining focused. All are associated with too much sedentary activity. Standing at work can actually help you psychologically by boosting the blood flow to your brain, providing your mind with key nutrients and plenty of oxygen. You will find that you have more energy and are capable of staying focused better than ever before.


This rush of key nutrients can also help to fight depression, anxiety and the inability to remained focused on your work. Employees reported that they were more productive and felt generally happier after making the switch to standing at work.


Social Benefits

Socializing with your peers is a big part of working in an office. With the rise of the cubicle came the fall of relationships at work. Having a height-adjustable workstation has reopened the door for many employees to maintain relationships with one another. This boosts morale at the office and makes work a bit more enjoyable.


Get Your Height-Adjustable Workstation

If you would like more information on standing at work, check out our Sit2Stand Height-Adjustable Workstation or contact a representative with Uprite Ergo today.

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