Kneeling Chair

Need a Break from Standing? Consider a Kneeling Chair

At Uprite Ergo, we urge everyone to incorporate standing into their workday. Standing more often has been proven time and time again to increase heart, kidney and brain health, as well as better the wellbeing of your body as a whole. But sometimes you need a break, especially if you have just started out standing at work. Your legs get sore, and your back will need to rest from carrying your body weight. There are better options than sitting in a regular office chair, however. For instance, consider a kneeling chair.

What is a Kneeling Chair?

When you first see a kneeling chair, you will likely notice that it is, perhaps, one of the goofiest-looking pieces of furniture ever made. Its angled cushion platforms may be intimidating; how are you supposed to sit in it? To use one, you sit facing the smaller platforms, which are for your knees; your legs should be tucked under you. Some chairs have a curved bottom, encouraging you to use your core muscles to find your balance.

The purpose of a kneeling chair is to encourage the user to sit upright with better posture. As such, your stomach and back may feel sore after use. This is normal; the chair itself is helping you work your core muscles. It is also important to note that putting your weight on your knees is detrimental to the joints; rather, you should place the majority of your weight on your bottom, just like in a regular chair.

The Benefits of a Kneeling Chair

As we mentioned before, using a kneeling chair works out your core muscle groups. But there are also a host of other benefits. By encouraging proper posture, a kneeling chair helps decompress your spine, especially after long bouts of standing. It also increases blood flow and promotes better breathing. As such, your energy and concentration levels tend to increase, as both oxygen and good circulation are necessary for optimum brain performance.

The main downside of a kneeling chair is that it will feel foreign to you. It is an unusual seating position, and therefore may initially feel uncomfortable. As such, it may be beneficial to keep your regular office chair on hand for those times your muscles really feel sore from keeping proper posture all day.

Using a Kneeling Chair with a Height Adjustable Desk

The best way to keep proper posture and feel all of its benefits is to stand for at least a few hours of your workday. A height adjustable desk promotes this habit by bringing your computer to eye level. As you become fatigued, a kneeling chair will allow you to maintain your posture while giving your legs and back a rest.

The Uprite Ergo Sit2Stand allows for your computer height to change easily by sliding up and down on a column, so you can change positions without much hassle. For more information about the Sit2Stand, visit our website or send us a message today!

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