For employers, you should learn what makes millennial employees in Atlanta different and why they enjoy using a height-adjustable workstation.

What Makes Millennial Employees Unique

Millennials are currently the driving force behind the Atlanta workforce. It is very clear that this generation has begun to fill the shoes of previous generations, influencing everything from politics to food trends. If you are an employer, you probably already have several millennial employees in your office. Very soon, this generation will make up the majority of the American workforce, bringing their fresh ethics, ideas and new innovation.

It is for these reasons that employers must learn how to tap into the minds of the millennials so that they may be recruited and retained. You might begin to see new things that you have never seen before—such as an office full of height-adjustable workstations. Here are a few factors that make millennial employees unique.


Flexibility is Valuable

Unlike previous generations, millennial employees value the ability to be flexible with their work and outside life. Thanks to smartphones and ever-evolving technology, millennials are well-aware that they do not have to be bound to a rigid schedule. While in the past evening hours were reserved specifically as sacred family time, this new generation that is coming into the workforce is willing to check emails or work from home in exchange for a flexible schedule that allows them to spend more of their day away from the office.


Millennials Are Just Independent

Another interesting characteristic of millennials is that they tend to be much more independent than previous young generations. They do not put strife in the opinions of their friends or family members when it comes to their career paths and employment. They are quick to make choices—indecisive is not a word that accurately describes this generation.


They Would Rather Be Unemployed than Hate Their Job

Think back, you have probably held quite a few jobs that you did not like. For previous generations, this was normal. Employees went to work to live, not because it was something that they all enjoyed doing. Millennials are different; they want to be sure that where they spend most of their time and energy is somewhere of for something they are passionate about.


Millennials Want to Lead

When it comes to millennials, surveys have shown that they more than likely have a strong desire to take a leading role one day. Fortunately, this desire to reach for the top makes millennials easy to retain if they are employed at a job that they enjoy. Most of this generation also value learning new skills and developing professionally over quick advancement, so that when it is time for them to take the lead, they are ready.


Workplace Environment Matters

Going along with the fact that millennials would rather have no job that work in one that they did not like, atmosphere plays a big role in their morale. They search for positive workplaces that value the wellbeing of employee—and if part of valuing that wellbeing is to be sure that they stay healthy and productive, then one way to improve morale at your office is by incorporating height-adjustable workstations. These are associated with increased productivity and improved mood among workers, perfect for making sure that millennial employees stay happy and feel appreciated for their work and tended to their wellbeing.


Height-Adjustable Workstations

Millennials are a unique generation—they like to do things differently and pave their own way. The Sit2Stand Height-Adjustable Workstation is a big hit among millennial employees in offices across Atlanta. If you would like more information, view our product page or contact a representative with Uprite Ergo today.

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