How to Successfully Switch to a Standing Desk

How to Successfully Switch to a Standing Desk

Standing at work is becoming very popular. You might even have a few “standers” in your own office. With all of the new information that is released each day about the harmful effects of sedentary activity, more and more people are investing in a height-adjustable workstation for their own workspace. You are certainly curious, and may even want to try this new way of staying healthy out for yourself, but like many others, you are concerned that making this lifestyle change will be difficult.

One does not simply go from sitting at their desk all day to standing for hours on end immediately. The change takes time, dedication and following a few tricks that other “standers” might have figured out before you. If you are just now hopping on board the trend of standing at work, here is how you can successfully make the switch to a standing desk.


Get the Height Right

When you are standing for an extended period and working at your desk, height is a very important factor if you want to be successful. Thankfully, having an adjustable Sit2Stand workstation makes getting your unique height setting easy. Ideally, you want your arms to be resting on the keyboard of your computer at an angle that is just slightly greater than 90 degrees. When you are working with your desk too high, the circulation that is going through your hands is poor, resulting in a painful condition. If your desk is set too short, you may find yourself having to hunch over to work. Again, this can leave you in a lot of pain, so make sure that you have your height-adjustable workstation set at just the right height.


Know Your Limits

You cannot expect to be standing all day the very first day that you have your standing desk set up in the office. You have got to practice to build your stamina and endurance. If you try and go all day standing at work, you might get discouraged and stop using your standing desk if you fail. Start small, an hour here and there, and then gradually build to standing for the majority of your day. Do not be too proud to sit down. Nobody is passing out awards to the person who stands the longest at work—if your body is tired, sit down.


Be Kind to Your Feet

The first body part to feel the burn when standing at work is often the feet. This pain is practically unavoidable in the beginning, but your feet will build stamina with practice. There are some things that you can do to make this pain a bit better. Invest in shoes that are supportive and comfortable; fashion is not always your friend when standing at work. Also, purchase an anti-fatigue mat to use at your desk.


Walk It Out

Instead of taking all your breaks by sitting, walk away every chance you get. This will give your body a well-deserved break from standing at work. Go take a phone call, speak with a coworker, grab some papers or stretch to be mobile. When you do sit down, it will be a real reward.


Start Standing at Work

If you would like more information on standing at work, contact a representative with Uprite Ergo today or view our Sit2Stand Height-Adjustable Workstation product page.


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