Kidney Pain

How Sitting Could Be Destroying Your Kidneys

Most everyone has heard about the dangers of sitting for extended periods of time, especially with bad posture. Even if you haven’t, some effects are pretty logical. You may put on more weight, your back and neck feel sore from hunching over and your muscles may begin to feel weak. Of course, inactivity is also a major contributor to health problems like heart disease. But did you know that prolonged sitting can also lead to chronic kidney disease?

Who it Affects

Kidney disease is not isolated to one group of people. Whether you are in shape or overweight, male or female, young or old, you could develop this issue. As such, nearly a tenth of all Americans have kidney disease. Yet, it does tend to target some people more than others. Because chronic kidney disease develops over time, older people are at an increased risk. Surprisingly, however, women are more likely to develop the disease as well.

A recent study looked at men and women who were at risk of developing chronic kidney disease. Men were typically able to reduce their risk by getting up and doing some kind of physical activity for 30 minutes, even if that was just walking around. But such activity tended to have no impact on women. In fact, it seems the only way for women to reduce their risk is to sit for only a small portion of their day. Sitting for less than three hours a day total means a 30 percent decrease in women’s risk of developing kidney disease as opposed to those who spent at least eight hours in a chair.

The Effects of Kidney Disease

As you may imagine, chronic kidney disease is not something to scoff at. The tiny filters in the kidney, called nephrons, slowly get damaged. When too many stop working, the organ stops being able to filter your blood like it should. This may happen due to the main artery being squeezed or blocked, uncontrolled diabetes, high blood pressure and other issues.

If you develop chronic kidney disease, you may suffer a whole host of symptoms. One of the most common is urinating less than usual. You may feel exceptionally drowsy, and you may lose your appetite. Other issues like cramps, swollen joints and dry skin are also common.

Avoiding Prolonged Sitting

There are some factors, like genetics, that you cannot control when it comes to chronic kidney disease. But prolonged sitting and other contributing issues can easily be avoided. For both men and women, standing as much, if not more, than you sit can have a drastic impact on your kidney health, as well as the wellbeing of the rest of your body. Simply getting up and walking around a bit is a good idea. But for those who don’t have the opportunity to do so, or simply forget, a height adjustable desk may be the answer.

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