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How Just Two Hours of Standing at Work Can Boost Your Health

The secret is out—sitting all day is terrible for your health. Okay, maybe this was not such a secret to begin with, but many people are unaware of how much sitting the are actually doing, especially if they are working at a desk. The reality is that, even if you are exercising for an hour or so each day, sitting the rest of the time can make the work that you put in obsolete. For this reason, many people are making a lifestyle change and standing at work. You might have seen those trendy height-adjustable workstations for yourself around the office and wondered what all the fuss was about. Did you know that you do not even have to stand all day long for this kind of desk to be effective at improving the health of your cardiovascular and metabolic systems? It is true—read on to find out for yourself how just two hours of standing at work can boost your health.

Two Hours Could Shrink Your Waistline

Have you been trying to lose a few extra inches off your waist? Your office job could be what is holding you back from a slimmer, trimmer body. A recent study from Australian researchers collected data from 700 individuals. This information included times that they were sitting, standing, walking, engaged in moderate or high activity as well as sleeping. The findings concluded that, on average, people spend nearly nine hours per day sitting down, almost 5 hours standing, two hours walking and only a little over an hour engaged in moderate activity. In this same study, researchers found that there was a correlation between standing an extra two hours and having a smaller waistline. Those who completed the two hours of standing had a waistline that was an average of three inches smaller than their counterparts. These subjects also had a BMI that was an average of 11 percent lower than those who did not stand two extra hours.

Two Hours Could Lower Your Cholesterol

The metabolic system does much more than control the size of your jeans; it is also the system that controls your cholesterol levels and blood sugar. Both are critical components of a healthy, thriving body. When levels are too high or too low, a person will experience negative side effects or other health complications that could lead to serious conditions. Standing an extra two hours per day could help to improve your metabolism and get your numbers back to a healthy level. People who stand for these extra two hours have a two percent lower resting blood sugar level, on average. They also have 11 percent less fat in the bloodstream than those who only stand for the average length of time during the day.

Invest in a Height-Adjustable Workstation

Standing for an extra two hours per day while at work could be very beneficial for your health. The Sit2Stand Height-Adjustable Workstation allows the user to go from sitting to standing in just a few easy motions. If you would like more information, visit our product page or contact a representative with Uprite Ergo today.

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