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Height Adjustable Desks Linked to Better Productivity

Data collected from a small study that was completed in the United States suggests that investing in a height-adjustable desk could lead to less down time in the office. People who have these types of desks naturally spend more time on their feet during the day, decreasing their sedentary activity and leading to some very good benefits. A small increase of just two extra hours standing at work could help to prevent you from developing certain medical conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and blood clots.

Standing at work is also good for your mind. This is not the only study to suggest that standing at a desk, rather than sitting, is linked to both better quality work and more productivity throughout the day. This information is great for those who are looking for an easy boost at their place of employment, or employers who make ergonomics an important value within their company. Here is how having a height-adjustable desk could help to increase your productivity at work.

Get Up, Get Moving

Living a sedentary life in dangerous. The phrase, “if you do not use it, you will lose it” could not be more true. If you do not use each component of your body, they will not function nearly as well long-term. Consider a car; if you leave a vehicle sitting for an extended period, several bad things might happen. You could find yourself with a dead battery, parts that have dry rot and cables that have corroded. Your body is the same—if you do not get up and get moving, you are putting yourself at an increased risk for some severe medical conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease or even dangerous blood clots.

Being sedentary for most of your day is also counter-productive. If you are feeling the drag of chronic exhaustion, it might be due to sitting at work. Poor ergonomics and sitting posture decreases the steady flow of oxygen and nutrients that should be reaching your brain and getting you through the day. Standing, taking a walk or participating in exercises at the office will diminish your sedentary activity and provide your brain with a nice energy boost.

Sharpen Your Mind

All those valuable nutrients and oxygen molecules that make their way to your brain easily while you are standing at work do more than help you to not feel tired. They also make you capable of thinking faster, keeping your thoughts in order and solving problems easier. All of this translates to one thing—increased productivity. In fact, there is no better, more natural way to increase your output and quality of work than by investing in a height-adjustable desk.

Invest in Your Height-Adjustable Desk

Are you now interested in investing in your own height-adjustable desk? Check out the Sit2Stand Height-Adjustable Workstation from Uprite Ergo. This office tool is easy to use and beneficial to those who spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen. For more information, view our product page, or contact a representative with our company today.

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