Are you eating healthy snacks while you are standing at work at your height-adjustable workstation? You need myths and facts! Read to learn more.

Healthy Snacks: Myth and Fact

Most people want to live a healthy lifestyle and try to make choices to stay on the right path. What you put into your body, and also avoid, is very important. Snacking is a healthy habit—if you are choosing the right foods. Unfortunately, many of the snack options that people believe to be healthy are actually terrible for your body. The overwhelming majority of people in the Atlanta area are simply misinformed about additives and ingredients that do more harm than good. Of course, you do not want to invest your time and energy making choices such as standing at work at a height-adjustable workstation or packing healthy snacks—and you do not have to.

Ditch those unhealthy snacks once and for all once you learn the facts. Here are some myths and facts to help you to make good choices at the grocery store by buying healthy snacks.

  1. Bars of Granola or Protein

There is a reason why you reach for one of these when you are craving something sweet; they often have loads of high-fructose corn syrup and trans fat. In other words, they are more like a dessert than a healthy snack. Look for these red-flag ingredients while you are shopping and choose bars that leave them out.


  1. Health Chips

Sorry to inform the potato chip fans who thought that they had found a healthier alternative, but most of the health chips on the shelves are just as bad for you as regular chips. However, you can add some nutritional value by adding guacamole or hummus.  


  1. Frozen Yogurt

A lot of people choose frozen yogurt as a way to enjoy ice cream without the guilt. While frozen yogurt might not be all that great for your body, there are some great benefits to eating it. Yogurt helps to provide a person’s body with essential probiotics and also boosts the immune system.


  1. Trail Mix and Nuts

These foods are perfect for adding extra protein to your diet, but they are also very high in fat and not great selections for those who are trying to lose weight. Nuts are very nutritious, especially in their raw form. Skip the sugary bits in your trail mix.


  1. Popcorn

For so long, popcorn has been the go-to snack of those who were trying to lose weight. Of course, when you compare your popcorn to chips, you will find that popcorn is the better of the two. The way that you can make popcorn healthy is to skip adding the salt and butter. You can purchase popcorn kernels in bulk and adding your favorite flavors after it has popped. This will allow you to stock up on the crunchy comfort snack.


Standing at Work

While on the topic of making healthy choice, do you have you Sit2Stand Height-Adjustable workstation yet? This innovative design is extremely beneficial to your health. If you would like more information, visit our product page or contact a representative with Upright Egro today.

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