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Exercises for People Who Work at a Computer All Day

The English word exercise quite literally means “at work,” but if you are working a desk job throughout the week, you might find yourself at rest more often than not. Recent studies have shown that sitting for most of the day is dangerous to your overall health, even if you are going to the gym or exercising for an hour or so each day. The ugly truth is that the components of the human body were not made to be sedentary, and it is only when they are in use that they thrive. Exercising while you are at your computer desk could benefit you in a multitude of ways, including weight loss, increased energy and the ability to focus, as well as the reduction of several ailments that are associated with sitting at work. If you are unsure of some things that you can do to increase your activity, here are some good exercises for people who work at a computer all day.

  1. Stretching

Stretching is incredibly important,s and most people do not do it enough. Going through stretches each day wakes up your body by signaling a rush of oxygen and nutrients and also helps to keep you limber. This type of exercise can also help to relieve back pain and other common aches that are developed after long hours at your desk. Stretching at work is simple and will not take any time away from your important activities. To stretch your neck, bend until your ear is touching your shoulder and hold it there for five seconds. Put your arms behind your back, interlace your finger and pull backwards to stretch your chest. You can also stretch by holding your hips and bending slowly to each side.

  1. Chair Exercises

There are several great exercises that you can do without having to ever leave your seat. The first is meant to improve your core and arm strength. Sit in your chair with your legs up and crossed. Place your arms on the rests and, using your core, lift yourself out of the chair. Hold your body in this position for up to 20 seconds or longer before slowly lowering yourself back down. Another great core and leg exercise can be completed by lifting each leg individually and holding it out for 10 to 20 seconds, then try doing the same with both legs simultaneously.

  1. Standing Exercises

Health care professionals highly encourage office employees to get up out of their seats and on their feet multiple times a day. Simply taking a few walks can diminish your sedentary activity and provide you with a multitude of health benefits. If you are unable to leave your desk often, you should consider investing in a height-adjustable workstation. While standing at work, you will be able to perform yoga moves, squats, lunges and stretches without having to leave your standing desk.

Get Your Height-Adjustable Desk

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