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Common Misconceptions About Standing at Work

Height adjustable desks are gaining in popularity in modern workspaces. People are recognizing the benefits of standing versus sitting, and more studies are being released that outline the detrimental effects that too much sedentary activity can have on your health. Of course, many remain skeptic and wonder if it is worth it to invest in a height adjustable desk. Switching to a height adjustable desk might be intimidating if you have preconceived misconceptions, but you will soon understand why so many people have made the switch and are loving standing at work.

1. You Will Need a New Desk

Many people are turned away from standing at work under the assumption that they will need to replace their entire workspace and purchase and entirely new desk. This is not true. You can reap the benefits of standing to work rather than sitting by making simple, cost-efficient purchases or finding your own savvy solutions. The downside to non-adjustable desks is that you cannot easily switch from standing to sitting when you are ready to rejuvenate.    

2. You Must Stand All Day

Another common misconception that the you must stand all day. Many people ask how these individuals keep from getting physically exhausted or sore from the hours of standing. The answer is simple: Switching to a height adjustable desk is a process. You will not have the strength to stand all day immediately, but over time you will develop the strength to stand for extended periods. Feel free to sit and rejuvenate whenever you feel that it is necessary. 

3. Varicose Veins

Perhaps the biggest worry that deters people from switching to a height adjustable desk is the fear that they will develop varicose veins. This is a false belief, as standing for extended periods is not the cause of varicose veins. This condition is actually caused when blood in the veins fails to pump up and out of the legs, often due to genetics.

4. There is No Incorrect Way to Stand

You cannot take part in the benefits of standing if you are not standing correctly. Keeping good posture and standing in an ergonomic position is the best way to put your height adjustable desk to good use. Poor posture can lead to a multitude of health issues and cause you to feel physically exhausted.

5. Height Does Not Matter

The height of your desk is essential to standing in the correct position and benefiting from standing. Your arms should be positions at a 90 degree angle, and the working stance should feel natural. Do not forget to account for a fatigue mat when setting up your height adjustable desk.

Uprite Ergo has designed an innovative height adjustable desk known as the Sit2Stand Height Adjustable Work Station. This design allows the user to switch from sitting to standing in a matter of seconds. When you are ready to rest and relax, simply reverse the stand. For more information, visit our product page. 

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