Kneeling Chair

Need a Break from Standing? Consider a Kneeling Chair

At Uprite Ergo, we urge everyone to incorporate standing into their workday. Standing more often has been proven time and time again to increase heart, kidney and brain health, as well as better the wellbeing of your body as a whole. But sometimes you need a break, especially if you have just started out standing at work. Your legs get sore, and your back will need to rest from carrying your body weight. There are better options than sitting in a regular office chair, however. For instance, consider a kneeling chair.

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Standing Gamers

Why You Should be Standing Up While Gaming

In a gamer’s life, countless hours are spent sitting at a desk, hunched over and leaned in to make sure you attack the right horde or land on the correct ledge. When you were younger, your parents likely told you video games were bad for you. In a sense, they were correct: Sitting in front of a computer screen for hours, especially with bad posture, is terrible for your health. There are ways to avoid this peril, however, and it’s as simple as standing up. 

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Happy Kids Playing

Your Kids Could Benefit from Standing More

For years it has been assumed that sedentary activity is bad for your health. Recent studies have confirmed that too much sitting has detrimental effects on the body and can put your health at risk. In a world where sitting is involved in many daily activities, this is very bad news. Some of the most vulnerable who are at risk of adverse effects from sedentary activity are children.

From school, daily trips in the car and watching their favorite television shows, children often sit for most of the day. Children who sit for 75 percent of the day or more exhibit poor motor coordination at a rate that is 9 times higher than their peers. Perhaps the scariest find in these studies is the conclusion that even if your child exercises, sitting for most of the day will almost certainly contribute to poor motor function. What can you do?

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Women with Cancer Ribbons

Sitting Increases Women’s Risk of Cancer

More and more is being learned about the adverse effects of prolonged sitting. Not only is sitting for most of your time bad for your mental and physical health, but it can also put you at a greater risk for Type 2 diabetes. Cardiovascular disease is prominent among those who sit for extended periods throughout the day as well.

New studies have outlined even further health hazards due to a sedentary lifestyle. It has been discovered that women who sit for 6 or more hours during the day are more likely to develop multiple myeloma, ovarian cancer or breast cancer when compared to women who only sat for 3 hours. These statistics are alarming, as many women sit for extended periods throughout their days.
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Kidney Pain

How Sitting Could Be Destroying Your Kidneys

Most everyone has heard about the dangers of sitting for extended periods of time, especially with bad posture. Even if you haven’t, some effects are pretty logical. You may put on more weight, your back and neck feel sore from hunching over and your muscles may begin to feel weak. Of course, inactivity is also a major contributor to health problems like heart disease. But did you know that prolonged sitting can also lead to chronic kidney disease?
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woman standing at work

Common Misconceptions About Standing at Work

Height adjustable desks are gaining in popularity in modern workspaces. People are recognizing the benefits of standing versus sitting, and more studies are being released that outline the detrimental effects that too much sedentary activity can have on your health. Of course, many remain skeptic and wonder if it is worth it to invest in a height adjustable desk. Switching to a height adjustable desk might be intimidating if you have preconceived misconceptions, but you will soon understand why so many people have made the switch and are loving standing at work.

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