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Is Your Exercise Enough to Combat Constant Sitting?

Many people attempt to exercise to combat their sedentary activity. After all, as long as you are doing some kind of physical activity for an hour or so a day, you will be healthy, right? For far too long, that has been the common senses. Unfortunately, even if you maintain a regular fitness routine, if you sit for the majority of the day you put yourself at risk to experience adverse health effects. Truthfully, only a mere 20 percent of the adults in the United States reach the 150 minutes that is recommended for daily physical activity. Even if you do reach this amount, sitting for most of the day might nullify its benefits.

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Finding the Right Balance Between Sitting and Standing

Throughout the ages, notable individuals have used standing desks. In a world where a corporate setting is the norm, they are finally catching on in mainstream modern times. This is mostly due to the fact that more evidence is being uncovered almost daily that gives the ugly truth about constant sitting: it is extremely bad for your health. The numbers are quite astounding, finding that those who sit for most of their day are 54 percent more likely to suffer a heart attack.

These are the results that are catching the attention of individuals throughout the nation. With more offices shifting to the height adjustable desk, their employees are asking, “How do I find the right balance between sitting and standing?” The ability to shift between the two is great and will improve your overall health, but there is a balance that will provide your body with the optimal ergonomic support. Here are some tips for dividing your time between sitting and standing.


Starting Your Journey

Most people who switch to a height-adjustable desk are not used to engaging all of the muscles that are used to stand. Standing for extended periods is equivalent to performing physical activity. Your muscles will ache after only a short time, and you will need to take frequent breaks. Your body might be sore for a few days if you stand too long or with bad posture. It is very important to gradually work up to standing for extended periods and that you keep yourself in an ergonomically correct position.


What is Too Much?

Though standing is good for your body and can decrease your chances of developing many different conditions, too much standing or standing incorrectly can also be hard on the body. When you begin to monitor your sedentary activity, experts suggest that you stand up and walk for a few minutes each hour. This short amount of time adds up and will be very beneficial to your overall health.

As your body becomes acquainted to the extra activity, you can safely and gradually add more time. Eventually you will feel comfortable standing at your height adjustable desk for extended periods. You are the judge of what is “too much.” Listen to your body and its cues. If you feel that you need to slouch to stay comfortable, switch to a sitting position. Always keep good posture.


The Perfect Balance

Finding the perfect balance is subjective. What is good for you might not necessarily be good for another person. Your body might be capable of standing for longer periods than those around you in the office, or you might only be able to stand for 20 minute maximum. Finding your perfect balance means that you have found a way to use your height-adjustable desk to remain comfortable and productive in the work place.

One great height-adjustable workstation is the Sit2Stand by Uprite Ergo. These desks are changing lives and keeping people healthy on a daily basis. For more information, visit our product page or contact a representative today.

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Standing Can Save Your Heart

Employees have sat for their daily duties for hundreds of years. Even before modern technology was born, workers sat for clerical jobs, pushing old school paperwork across their desks for the better part of the day. Compared to the brutal manual labor jobs that were also around, and still are, these white collar workers were hailed as the lucky ones. While no person denies that physical jobs do wear out your body quite quickly, prolonged sitting instead of standing at work will wear out your body in other ways. There are simply two ends to this spectrum, and sitting all day can be quite dangerous for your health.

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Lose Weight by Losing the Chair

Studies have shown a correlation between sitting in a chair for extended periods and being overweight. Besides the obvious — the lack of exercise — there are other factors that come into play when one sits for the majority of their day that is caused by the act of sitting itself. Your entire body shifts into “rest” mode. An important enzyme that is necessary to absorb fat within the body is even cut off from production. This eliminates any chance that you might have had to maintain a good weight or even lose weight.

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Carpal Tunnel

A Height-Adjustable Desk Could Alleviate Carpal Tunnel Pain

Millions of hard working individuals throughout the globe experience the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome. If you are one of them, your traditional, sitting desk might just be the culprit. Carpal tunnel syndrome is characterized by a numbness or tingling in one or both arms, often followed by a sharp, piercing pain. The worst part about this condition is that is continues to get progressively worse over time.

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve, which runs down the arms, is squeezed right at the wrist. The nerve typically runs through a hollow point called the carpal tunnel, but if the nerve becomes impacted, you will quickly feel its effects. People who suffer from the condition commonly report that their fingers feel very swollen, to the point that they are nearly useless. It can be very hard to grasp objects or tell the difference between cold and hot temperatures. It goes without saying, continuing to work with carpal tunnel syndrome is nearly impossible without medical intervention.

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The Link Between Sitting and Anxiety

If you are like most American office workers, you probably spend about 10 hours a day sitting down. Between the commute, office work, lunch and getting home just to sit and watch TV, there is not much time for activity. As such, you use your muscles less and less, naturally leading to deterioration. While you have likely heard about the physical side effects of sitting, there is one issue you may not be aware of: prolonged sitting has been linked to a higher risk of anxiety.

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Looking at the Ergonomics in Uprite Ergo

Many people have watched the new fad of so-called “ergonomic” workspaces and wondered, “What in the world are these people doing?” Is there real, legitimate science behind ergonomics? Or, have a few inventors and marketing geniuses fooled the masses yet again to simply fill their own pockets?

The reality is, ergonomic workspaces offer employees many benefits that they would not otherwise receive when sitting in a chair. It is a new setting, they increase productivity and engage important muscles in the body that most people do not use nearly enough. Research has shown that sitting for the majority of a day can lead to a multitude of health issues. Beyond these obvious benefits, an ergonomic workspace is exactly that — ergonomic. What exactly goes into ergonomics and why is it important to your health? Here is a look at the ergonomics of the Uprite Ergo Sit2Stand Workstation.

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Standing Desks are Perfect for a Quick Yoga Session

People are beginning to recognize the great benefits of standing at their working desk, rather than sitting for extended periods. Sitting can be very bad for your overall health and, for this reason, many are switching to a height adjustable desk or workstation. Those who have not been on their feet for extended periods prior to starting a routine of standing at work might feel a bit sore for the first few days that it is in use. Once your body develops the appropriate muscle strength, standing for extended periods will be a breeze. To help speed up the process and combat the aches and pains, some experts are suggesting that users of height adjustable desks implement a time tested activity: yoga. Pairing a quick yoga session into your new standing routine can be hugely beneficial.

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Foods to Help You Fight Fatigue

Many people suffer from chronic exhaustion. It may seem as if, no matter how long you sleep at night, you are always dragging at work, school, your children’s park trips or even through some of your most cherished activities. Most individuals turn to caffeine and sugar, which have been shown to have adverse effects on bodily health. Energy seems to be a hot commodity in today’s “go, go, go” world, but an overwhelming amount of people are lacking even the basic amounts to get through an average day.

If it is not recommended to turn to quick shots of energy or boosters, how do you go about revitalizing your body and mind and kicking grogginess to the curb? The answer is simpler than most would imagine: diet. Food is what provides the body with essential nourishment and energy. Most people eat to enjoy the flavors and the feeling of fullness, but food is the first combatant against chronic exhaustion. Here are 4 foods that will help you to fight fatigue.

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Man in Home Office

Making Your Home Office More Productive

People create home offices for many different reasons. Maybe you work full time or part time from home, or perhaps you have regular projects from the office that require a little extra attention. Some home offices are specifically for paying the household bills. Whatever your reason for designing a home office space, it has one sole purpose: productivity.

You should feel good when you walk into your home office, as if you are able to conquer life’s greatest challenges within the comfort of your own space. Let’s be honest, some home offices are lacking in the area of functionality, making them less than enjoyable and barely productive. If your home office could use a little tender love and care, here are some ways to make your home office more productive. 

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