Do you experience bad back pain when sitting or standing at work at your height-adjustable workstation? Here is how you can prevent it.

How to Beat Bad Back Pain at Work

Whether you are still sitting at a regular desk or utilizing a height-adjustable workstation, chances are that you have probably experienced some back pain associated with your job. In fact, upwards of 80 percent of the Atlanta workforce will experience some back pain in their lifetime. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be participating in strenuous activity for the pain to arise—you can develop chronic back pain just by sitting incorrectly at your desk every day.

You do not have time for this. You should not have to add back pain to your already long list of stressors, and you cannot let it get in the way of your goals or responsibilities. Back pain can be excruciating and easily prevent you from enjoying your life to the fullest. Is there anything that you can do? The good news is that the answer is yes—here is how to beat bad back pain at work.


Limit Your Time in Bed

You back pain might have you heading to your bed to rest, but this is not the best solution. Those who experience back pain should avoid extended bed rest. The more mobile that you are, the less pain you will have. Of course, this goes both ways; know your limits, and do not overdo it either.


Have a Good Exercise Routine

Building off of our first tip, have you heard the phrase, “Move it or lose it?” This describes the human body perfectly. Unfortunately, when you are sitting at a desk for most of your waking hours, it can be difficult to “move it” regularly. Keep up a good exercise routine, and try standing at work to help your body to stay in good shape.


Practice Perfect Posture

Your grandmother was not wrong—poor posture is bad for your health. Be mindful of how you are sitting or standing at your height-adjustable workstation. One of the leading causes of back pain is practicing posture that is harmful to your body. Even years of learning over the sink wrong to brush your teeth can cause chronic back pain.


Focus on Your Core Strength

Your core muscles are your back’s biggest ally. When these are strong, they help to take the strain off of your spine and back muscles. Be sure to include a good core workout in your daily exercise.


Be Kind with Ice and Heat

Your back does deserve a bit of TLC at the end of a long day. Orthopedics recommend that their patients use ice for the first two days after they have recognized they have an injury, then switch to using a heating pad.


A Brace Is Not Your Friend

Back braces cause more harm than good. They were originally designed to help with heavy lifting and strenuous activity. Many people use them for other purposes and believe that they aid in the relief of back pain. When these braces are used for an extended period, the muscles weaken and pain actually increases.


Learn More about Height-Adjustable Workstations

If you would like more information on the Sit2Stand Height-Adjustable Workstation, view our product page or contact a representative with Uprite Ergo today.


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