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A Height-adjustable Workstation Encourages More Standing

There are some pretty negative consequences to sitting in your office chair throughout the day. Most corporate employees experience side effects that include weight gain, back and shoulder pain, eye strain and other adverse health issues. Who knew that sitting could take such a toll on the human body? Some scholars from previous generations, as […]

Standing At Work Without Being Annoying

Though standing at work is certainly catching on, it is still not the mainstream norm. The overwhelming majority of people in office settings, perhaps even in your own office, are still stuck sitting through their entire day. Despite the facts and the benefits, some workers absolutely refuse to acknowledge the choice of standing as a […]

Staying Healthy at Work, Part II

Staying healthy at work is easier than you might think. To recap from part I, it is important for those of you who work in office positions to avoid the temptation of unhealthy snacking, drink plenty of water and exercise whenever you get the opportunity. Prolonged sitting can lead to adverse health effects that negatively […]

Staying Healthy at Work, Part I

Do you feel exhausted after a long day at the office, even though you spent the day sitting in your comfortable rolling chair? Spending five days a week at your desk job takes a larger toll on your body than you might think. You must work to avoid eye strain and prevent aches from developing […]

Even Federal Employees are Standing at Work

Generations ago, when Leonardo Da Vinci and Benjamin Franklin were reaping the benefits of their standing desks, the average person was not so quick to jump on board. It seems as if sitting has been the natural thing to do since the dawn of the workplace. Finally, after multiple studies and the scary realization that […]

Prolonged Sitting and Depression

More and more professionals in the scientific community are in agreement that constant sitting could be robbing some of their health and complete lifespan. Your metabolic function and cardiovascular system, among other physiological systems, is significantly and negatively impacted by prolonged sitting. This could be bad for those who work in desks and are seemingly […]

Why You Should Use an Exercise Ball at Work

More and more recent studies have demonized that old office chair. Even those comfy, state-of-the-art modern chairs that promise improved posture and no back or neck pain might lead to a life that includes increased weight gain, diabetes, blood clots, digestive issues, cardiovascular disease or cancer — all from simply sitting at your desk at work. […]

Myths About Proper Posture

There is always that one person in everyone’s life that harps about good posture. Maybe for you it was your father, grandmother a teacher or mentor, or perhaps an athletic coach, who seemed to be obsessed with the way that everyone sat or stood. They noticed the instant that your shoulders were not back, the […]

Too Much Sitting is Destroying Your Heart

If you are sitting down while you are reading this blog, it is time to get out of your seat. Your constant sitting could mean big trouble for your heart health, a new study has found. This research concluded that men who sat for five hours per day or more and did not maintain an […]