5 Ways to Keep Your Energy Up at Work

5 Ways to Keep Your Energy Up at Work

Working at a desk all day can be tiring, and the fatigue that builds up throughout your day cuts into your productivity. Here are five easy ways to maintain or regain your energy over the course of the workday.

Refuel and Hydrate

Simply put, you cannot have energy without fuel. Make a habit of eating breakfast, and make sure that you do not skip it in favor of a drink, even one with plenty of sugar and caffeine: this will only give you a short burst of energy and mask the fact that you still need food. The same goes for lunch since any skipped meal cuts into your stamina. In addition, be sure to drink plenty of water. Dehydration is easy to mistake for hunger or tiredness, so keep yourself well supplied with water as well as regular meals.

Take a Peek Outside

You may have heard that spending time in the sunlight is a good way to minimize jetlag. This is because your circadian rhythm, the internal clock that tells your body when it should be awake or asleep, sets itself by the sun. If you spend most of your day away from natural light, it is a good idea to take a break at some point during the day to go outside, allow your body to make adjustments to your internal clock and reassure your brain that it is still time to be awake and active.

Time Your Coffee

Your circadian rhythm controls many of your body’s other systems, including the daily rise and fall of the hormone cortisol. Several recent studies have found that you get the most benefit from drinking caffeine during the times of day when your cortisol levels are low. Cortisol levels go up in the morning when you are waking up, just after noon, and around 6 in the evening, which means that the most effective times to caffeinate are 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM to 5:00 PM.

Stand Up at Your Desk

One major drain on your energy is just sitting down. Sitting still for long periods of time slows your metabolism and decreases or even restricts your circulation, depriving your body and brain of the fuel and oxygen they need to stay active. Standing desks have started to become popular, but even better is an adjustable-height desk, which will allow you to change position whenever you start to feel stiff or fatigued.

Get Up and Move

Whether standing or sitting, establish a pattern of set times to pause and move around. Breaking up your work day with periods of physical movement helps to keep your blood flowing and your metabolism working, as well as improving your breathing and hormone levels. Take a short walk or do some stretches. Figure out if and where you are tense or aching, and whether you need to change your posture when you get back to work.

Invest in a Height-Adjustable Workstation

Standing at work is much simpler with the Sit2Stand Height-Adjustable Workstation, which is designed to change heights quickly when you need to change position. To learn more, visit our product page or contact a representative at Uprite Ergo.

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