Are you enjoying standing at work? Here are a few accessories for your height-adjustable desk that you can use to make the product even better.

5 Accessories to Further Enhance Your Height-Adjustable Desk

Are you enjoying your height-adjustable desk? Most who take the plunge and make the investment are. Standing at work has taken offices across the Atlanta area by storm due to the wonderful benefits that standing throughout the day has to offer. Almost immediately, standing will help to improve your productivity and relieve your chronic exhaustion. Over time, you will see positive improvements to your health. Most importantly of all, standing significantly reduces your chances of developing certain health conditions that are associated with sedentary activity.

Is there a way to further enhance your height-adjustable desk? Of course! You can find wonderful tools on the market to make your standing experience even more wonderful. Here are a few accessories that you should use while you are standing at work.


  1. Be Comfortable with an Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat

Standing for an extended period is not without its downfalls. One of the most common complaints that people make when using their height-adjustable desk is that their feet and back hurt. While this is also associated with new use, these pains can be prevented by investing in an anti-fatigue floor mat. This tool will give you the extra support that you need so that you do not put unnecessary stress on your body.


  1. Keep Things Organized and Secure

If you are worried about your desk accessories toppling over as you are adjusting your height-adjustable desk from a sitting to standing position, invest in new, more secure equipment. Purchase organizers that have a wide base, such as a lazy susan or mini drawer organizers. Secure your new additions by cutting pieces of a grip mat to fit their bases.


  1. Keep Track of Your Standing with a Timer

One of the best accessories that you can buy for your height-adjustable desk is a timer with an alarm. You should not expect to be capable of standing for your whole day, or even a few hours, immediately. Give your body time to adjust to standing at work, and avoid overdoing it. Using a timer is a great way to prevent losing track of time. It will also be a friendly reminder that it is time to get out of your seat and onto your feet when it is time to stand once again.


  1. Get in Shape by Using a Balance Board

After you are a pro at standing at work, you might want to challenge yourself and kick things up a notch. A balance board requires using multiple muscles to continue standing erect. Using one of these devices is a great way to get in shape and tone up. There are also other products that you can use to get in a mini workout as you work, such as a small treadmill or stair-stepper.


  1. Stay Stylish with Fashionable and Comfortable Shoes

Your heels might not be so comfortable now that you have decided to stand at work, but that does not mean that you cannot be stylish. Take yourself shopping for some news shoes that fit the bill for both.


Learn More about Height-Adjustable Desks

If you would like more information on the Sit2Stand Height-Adjustable Workstation, view our product page or contact a representative with Uprite Ergo today.

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